• Capital that ruminates
    Capital that ruminates

    The model is based on a distinguished Zebunet scheme: a small amount lent enables sustainable improvement of family income.

    In Burkina Faso a sow 150 € will create about thirty small in 24 months, each of which can be sold around € 50, an investment that makes sense!

  • The women's place.
    The women's place.

    Zebunet support especially women in his projects, because it is often the mistresses of families and daily budgets.

    Contributing to the enhancement of their income enhances their social place, the food security of their families and prioritizes spending on children.

  • Biogaz

    Downstream of its pig breeding projects Zebunet supports dozens of families in the acquisition and installation of biodigesters.

    These allow to recycle manure from farms while providing gas for cooking and especially biodigestat: an excellent natural fertilizer!

  • Solidarity and playful
    Solidarity and playful

    A birthday, Christmas or just for fun? With Zebunet you can offer the financing of an animal to the person of your choice!

    You can also enjoy our craft sales go shopping and meet us at a good time!

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