Businesses, local authorities and institutions

Do you represent a business, a government or an institution?
You too can support our actions and take part in the Zebunet’s adventure!


Fund a program:

- Support farmers from a country of your choice by funding a micro-credit program. Families will benefit from a loan to buy animals, gain access to educational programs and receive regular guidance and support to ensure the success of their activities. Our programs support from 10 to 170 families. With 3,000 euros, we can support approximately 15 families.

- Help farmers to protect their environment by funding an agro-ecological project linked to their livestock activity: education on agro-ecological farming practices, agroforestry, biogaz production, etc.

Donwload our information pack.
To help us build up and fund our actions, contact us


Offer an original present to your clients and/or collaborators:

Offer them an animal (goat, ewe, pig, chicken, donkey or zebu) for the occasion of your choice! They will receive a custom gift card and will be able to follow the evolution of the animal, as well as the family.
From 30 to 200 euros, many animals are waiting to get funded!




Do you appreciate our actions, and would like to support us in a simple way?
You can give Zebunet the amount of your choice. It will be used according to the priorities defined by the association’s board.
If you are a business, you can benefit from a 60% tax deduction on your donation, limited to 0,5% of the turnover before taxes (for tax payers in France).