Offer an animal

Make an original gift, buy an animal for a friend !

With Zebunet, help your loved ones becoming financial supporters of farmers from the South.

For a birthday, at Christmas, on Mother’s Day or to celebrate a special event (wedding, retirement, etc.), you can make a meaningful present, digital and inclusive - an opportunity to increase awareness on rural challenges in developing countries.


How much does it cost?

Membership (mandatory for any new subscription, valid for one year from the date payment is received) : 30 euros – down to 10.20 euros after tax deduction (for tax payers in France).

Examples of PEA:
- Pig: 50 euros - 17 euros after tax deduction;
- Ewe and goats: 40 euros - 14 euros after tax deduction;
- Zebu: 190 euros - 64 euros after tax deduction;
- Chicken: 35 euros - 12 euros after tax deduction;

Once you are a member, you can offer as many animals as you wish to your loved ones!


How does it work?

Click on the link below to log in to your account or open a new account. Once you are logged in, you can click on « offer an animal », pick in the menu the animal that you wish to give as a present, fill out some contact information on the beneficiary and give a name to the animal.
You may choose between informing the beneficiary yourself - and customize your gift card - or letting us inform the beneficiary on a date chosen by you.
After that you just need to proceed to check out, make the payment, and your present will be ready!

An animal and a family will be assigned to the beneficiary over the following weeks, depending on how the project has progressed.
The beneficiary is informed by email and will have access to a personal account, from which one can print out a certificate.

As a member, you will also have access to your own account, from where you can offer more animals, or build your own livestock!

Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty, or if you have any questions on the projects.