Suscribe to an Animal Savings Account

A zebu, a pig, a donkey, an ewe, a chicken?

To support our actions with farmers from the South, become a member and subscribe to an Animal Savings Account !

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By paying €30 of membership fees, you can become an active member of Zebunet for a full year and contribute to cover our operational costs. This allows you to buy animals, participate in our activities, receive our newsletters and decide on our actions during our general assembly.
Our yearly membership fees are 30 euros, down to 10 euros after the 66% tax deduction for individuals paying taxes in France
(60% for businesses).


From your account, choose the PEA (Plan Epargne Animal or Animal Savings Account) that you wish to contribute to. You can choose between two status: DONOR gives right to a 66% tax deduction on the subscription amount for individuals for tax payers in France (60% for businesses); INVESTOR does not give right to any tax deduction.

Country PEA Animal type Loan duration Amount
Madagascar PEZ zebu 24 months

190 euros 

(64 € after tax deduction)

Vietnam PEC 24 months

50 euros

(17 €  after tax deduction)

Burkina Faso PEAK 24 months

250 euros

(85 €
after tax deduction)

Niger PEBROC 24 months

40 euros

(14 € after tax deduction)

Togo PEP 18 months

35 euros

(12 € after tax deduction)

These PEAs are given as an example. Since our projects change regularly, the availability of PEAs varies throughout the year. Sign in to your account to see which PEAs are currently available!

After being quickly assigned an animal, you will be able to see its picture on a certificate that can be accessed from your account.

You will also receive a newsletter (in French) to keep you informed on the projects’ advancement and Zebunet’s latest news.