Development Education

Are you interested in involving your students into a concrete project around international solidarity?

You can carry out an educational program with Zebunet!


For whom ?

For teachers or educators who are interested to build an educational project around North-South relations, world hunger, sustainable development or micro-lending, based on Zebunet projects.

How ?

Educational programs developed by Zebunet allow teachers to address topics related to the French official school curriculum (in particular in History and Geography), based on group activities and support documents (documentary film, press articles, role-play, etc.). Students start by identifying and understanding the roots of food insecurity in the world, how it is illustrated and what are the stakes, before studying potential alternatives to the problem and suggesting actions at their scale to help one or several families supported by Zebunet.

The teacher provides a framework to this dynamic exercise thanks to its instructional expertise and knowledge. One of our volunteers can even join the class to explain our actions and projects in more detail.

These educational programs should be considered as a basis that can be adapted, depending on the audience and time available!



Elementary school program :



Secondary school program (in French):



High school program (in French):


The « string game »

This game is an educational tool that helps to better understand the relations between various international actors. It was built around food production and food security issues, and highlights the world impact of the societal model in Northern countries.

Download it here (in French)!

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